Biodegradable and
compostable twine

The sustainable choice to string plants in greenhouse cultivation

Hortiray Usecase 1
Hortiray Usecase 2
Hortiray Usecase 3
Hortiray Usecase 4


Responsible and sustainable choice

Our Hortiray twine offers a 'green' solution for guiding crops in greenhouse cultivation with compostable strings made from only natural fibres. Based on our many years of expertise and collaborations, we commercialize this twine specifically developed for the cultivation of tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers and peppers, among others.

The production takes place in our rope factory in Belgium. This short logistical chain is an additional asset for a sustainable crop.


Compostable and customized to the crop

The Hortiray product range consists of a series of twines with different breaking strengths tailored to the various crops and different colors to support the processes in your greenhouse.