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Corbeo, manufacturer of Hortiray

5x around the earth

Hortiray is a brand of Corbeo. We are a rope manufacturer and the reference in many professional niches and retail businesses. We not only supply a cord, but we help you find the most cost-efficient solution in combination with the quality requirements for your sector. We heavily invest in internal production and digitization. Throughout the supply chain, we pursue maximum sustainability with a short chain and production on our own green energy.

We use our over 40 years of experience to purchase raw materials at the source and with strict quality controls. Our strategic stock and internal production allow us to react quickly and flexibly.

With a team of 30 employees, we produce and distribute over 5.000 different rope references, both locally and internationally. With the total length of our annual rope sales, we can definitely wrap around the earth 5 times.

Hortiray Corbeo
Hortiray Corbeo

Made in Belgium

Hortiray production is done in Belgium.
Hortiray is a trademark of Corbeo.

We ensure a short supply chain, both for the acquisition of raw materials and delivery of the final product.