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Specially made for greenhouses

Hortiray is a serie of twines specifically for greenhouse cultivation. The variants differ in breaking strength and color, in order to achieve an optimal guide string for your crop and greenhouse.

Our products are supplied on cardboard conical tubes of approximately 6kg. These are used as such in the greenhouse or are used to wind on hooks.

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The main advantages of hortiray are:

  • Its breaking strength
  • Easy to tie
  • Suitable for making hooks
  • Compostable
  • Organic, biomass OK
Article number Color Length Newton Recommended cultivation
Hortiray A10 Écru 600m/kg 500N
Hortiray Hortiray A10
Hortiray A11 Red 600m/kg 500N
Hortiray Hortiray A11
Hortiray T10 Écru 700m/kg 400N
Hortiray Hortiray T10
Hortiray T11 Red 700m/kg 400N
Hortiray Hortiray T11
Hortiray T20 Écru 840m/kg 300N
Hortiray Hortiray T20
Hortiray Hortiray T20


  • Use the weight of the plant with vegetables at the end of the growing cycle as basis to determine breaking force.
  • Twine breaking strength at the end of the cycle is 70% of the initial breaking strength.
  • Avoid letting the rope get humid for a long period when under load.
  • Store dry and protected from sunlight.


  • Hortiray is made from sustainable raw material such as viscose, regenerated cotton or jute.
  • No specific requirements such as temperature or pressure for the degradation of the material.
  • Hortiray is suitable for use in a biomass process.

Did you know?

The strength of Hortiray is mainly determined by the viscose fiber. The cotton yarns are added to make knotting the rope more easily. That is why you will find more cotton yarns in Hortiray than in the alternatives.

With a colored cotton marker thread we provide the twine with a different, usually red, color.